2024 Black History Calendar

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"Black History" 2024 Wall Calendar

Black history IS American history. It is the labor that we bore upon our backs, the sweat that dripped down our brows, it is the very lifeblood we poured into this country’s veins – Our history whispers to us with each breath we take.

African Americans have made significant improvements to American society in a multitude of areas; the influence can be felt throughout the annals of popular culture. The weight of our significance has helped to shape culture, literature, history, sports, science and music. Generations of people have been inspired to strive for a more just and equitable society. It is essential to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of African Americans while continuing to work towards a society that values and respects the diversity and input of all individuals.

African American Expressions presents its original and unique perspective in this year’s 2024 Black History calendar. With every turn of the page, you'll find information on the nation’s prominent African American leaders. From Shirley Chisholm to our 44th President Barack Obama, each month highlights and educates using historical facts all related to the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of our community which exemplify the journey From Slavery to the White House.

  • 12" x 12"

  • 4 mini-view months of 2023

  • 12 full page months of 2024

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