C944 Santa's Christmas Story Christmas Card

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Black Santa's Christmas Story African American Christmas Card

A charming Black Christmas Card depicting a playful scene of a black Santa reading the Christmas Story aloud as young children gather around by the fire. Packaged in sets of 15 with foil-lined envelopes and gold sealing stickers, there are plenty of these attractive cards to share amongst your loved-ones!

  • Size 5" x 7"
  • 15 embossed and foil-stamped cards per box with foil-lined envelopes and gold sealing stickers
  • Inscription: Christmas time once again is here, full of love, joy and cheer. Smiles, laughter and stories sharing. Giving, hugging, loving, and caring. Greens, turkey and presents under the tree. Thank You for being a blessing to me. Wishing you the best this glorious Season! Merry Christmas!

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