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Harriet Tubman: The Underground Railroad African American Journal

A gorgeous spiral bound journal adorned with the beautiful black art of DD Ike. Originally this particular scene depicted of Harriet Tubman was created in the relief style, an intricate sculptural technique that seemingly raises from canvas. The ornate detail is still evidently portrayed against the black cover of the journal, making it one-of-a-kind. Enclosed in a sturdy, heavy-duty cover and finished in a matte coating, this beautiful journal measures 8.5 x 6.25 inches and has 128 pages. Each page contains Biblical scripture.

  • Size: 6.25" x 8.5" /128 pages
  • Spiral Binding
  • Ribbon bookmark attached
  • Front Cover Inscription: Harriet Tubman - The Underground Railroad
  • Daily scripture at top of each page

A Legend To Stand The Test Of Time

Everyone knows the name of Harriet Tubman. This African American woman spent her life fighting against slavery and helping her fellow brothers and sisters along the Underground Railroad to freedom away from the south. An incredibly strong woman of faith, Harriet Tubman is a model to all of us and a reminder that we should never give up fighting for what we believe in.

She risked being caught, punished and imprisoned time and time again because she felt so strongly about the right for every African American to the same freedoms and privileges as other American citizens.

Here at African American Expressions, we carry many beautiful and practical objects for your day-to-day life. We’re proud to offer black-inspired items that show important reminders of our past and the people that made a difference in the lives of African Americans today.

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